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Quotes of the Day for November 17, 2020 – Thoughts on the importance of mutual support, love, and submission

“…let each one examine his own work” and refuse to measure himself by others around him (Galatians 6:4)…Judging ourselves by others is a sin. Let us leave all final judgment to God and offer mutual support in the struggle set before us by the Lord…we are presumptuous if we take on God’s role as judge, either of ourselves or of others.” (Dynamis 9/12/2018)

“God made us to share communion, fellowship, and mutual support with one another. In [Jeremiah 9] verse 9, He declares that “they cease from being a people.” How can a group of human beings no longer be considered a “people”? The answer is that we stop being a people when we stop being what God made us to be.” (OCPM 10/11/2016)

“Mutual support is a process in which the people in the relationship strive to use the relationship to become fuller, richer human beings.” (Diana Pasca)

“Christ Himself commanded His disciples to “put themselves under” one another. The Son of God, under whose feet God has every authority and power, put Himself under the feet of His disciples. At the Last Supper, he got up, took off his outer garments, and wrapped a towel around his waist.  He then filled a washbasin with water and stooped down to wash each of His disciples’ feet.  Thus, He set the example of our mutual subjection to one another in obedience to His command that his s followers also should “wash one another’s feet” (John 13:3-15).” (Fr. Basil)

“The Paul says the sufferings of Jesus was for our comfort. And he insists that his own sufferings are for the comfort of others. All of this flows from the eternal perspective about everything, even suffering. Ultimately, if we have the courage to see this, every moment of our lives, both good and bad and everything in between, possesses the potential to teach us eternal truths which comfort us with an everlasting comfort!... we are MADE for mutual suffering and comfort. We are made for Communion together. We are made to experience the Faith “once for all delivered to the saints” as a community. As a wise man once said “One Christian is No Christian.” (Fr. Barnabas Powell)


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