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“There is only one God, so that God is the God of every human being no matter what they believe or do. There is only one mediator between God and all of humanity and He is Jesus Christ the Lord. No matter what people believe, they have the same God and the same access to God as all other people. God’s desire is to save every human, and we Christians are to pray for this same outcome for everyone. God does not wish for any one’s death let alone their damnation (Ezekiel 18:32, 33:11). God works to save all humans and wishes us to pray for the same – to align our desires with His will….By orienting our own lives and perspectives towards Christ and aligning ourselves with God’s will, we become towards others what we wish God would be towards us.” (Fr. Ted Bobosh)

“Christ is more than the solid foundation of the church and our lives. The Lord Jesus is the T-square by which we line our church and ourselves up with His righteousness, truth, and will. Others may reject Him, but when they do, they are rejecting the only solid basis and reliable guideline for our lives as well as the church…If we would make Christ the cornerstone of our lives, we must choose Him above all else. We cannot set Him alongside other interests, aims, and hopes. If we put other things on the same level, we will not build a life that has a firm foundation or that is straight and true. Rather if Christ be our cornerstone, then we will construct ourselves and our lives in Him. If Christ be our cornerstone, then we will sync our thoughts with His teachings. We will align our conduct with His commandments. And we will measure all our endeavors with His will.” (Fr. Basil)

“God’s justice is also one of the divine energies. God is just and is continuously working in His creation to bring about and preserve this state of justice. Therefore, for a human person or community to live in accordance with divine justice is to participate in His operation in creation. This participation is transformative and produces a state of blessing. “To bless,” as a verb, is then to bring the person or thing blessed into alignment with God and His purposes in creation.” (Fr. Stephen De Young) 

“I think the term dikaiosynē (righteousness) is more a metaphysical term than a juridical one. Dikaiosynē means living according to the reality of the way things actually are, as they have been ordered and established and created by God. The laws of God are prescriptions that people should live according to reality. Therefore, when something is made righteous or put right or justified, it means that it is aligned up rightly.” (Fr. Thomas Hopko)

“To overcome our own will, and find the true inner peace and joy that only comes when our will is in alignment with God’s will (which brings peace and joy because God’s perfect loving will is always the best thing for us though we do not recognize this because our sinful damaged self seeks that other than God and we fail to understand that God’s will and God’s love are the same thing) we must cast down anything in our life that is an idol. How do we know what is an idol in our life? It’s simple. We just need to take stock of ourselves and see what we are placing first above God. The Holy Spirit will help us do this in prayer. And we need this help to choose God first and that is why He pursues us relentlessly, even allowing us to suffer until we come to our senses.” (Sacramental Living Ministries)


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