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“In life we make our way by a series of decisions: taking one step rather than another, acting or refraining from acting, entering or leaving situations, accepting or rejecting offers and opportunities. We constantly move, from moment to moment, on the basis of choices. Of all God’s earthly creatures, humanity alone has the personal dignity of choosing and shaping life…by God’s grace we strive not make decisions impulsively. Rather, we modify our actions in response to the prompting of the Spirit.” (Dynamis 7/21/2018)

“Trusting God is a decision, not a feeling…Happiness is not based on your circumstances, but on a decision you make…Love is not a feeling we have; it’s a decision to treat people the way Jesus would treat them…Because of the Holy Spirit’s witness and illumination, you never have to be alone in your decisions—but this is true only as long as you’re seeking the mind of God and wanting to do His will." (Dan Walsh, Jesus Saves – Godly Life, Tony Evans)

“We want to do God’s will, but we are not always sure what this involves. Sometimes we make a decision that we feel is right but then circumstances change after we come upon an unexpected fork in the road, and we do not know what to choose...God knows that we do not know everything. He designed it this way, so that we would have more faith in Him rather than relying only on ourselves…God will not force itself upon a person, even to save his or her soul. Rather, God and His servants respect the gift of free will so much that they will only guide and guard and leave the decision to the individual.” (Anne Marie Gazzolo)

“Whatever fills our minds will come out in our actions and decisions…We make the decision as to whether the events of our life will serve as stepping stones or stumbling blocks.” (Michael Youssef, Maxie Dunnam)

“Our lives are comprised of thousands of small daily decisions and actions: how we treat others, how we use our money, what we do with our abilities, where we invest our time, and what example we set for others to see. Before God will call you to something greater, He first wants to see what you have done in the small things.” (Richard Stearns)

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