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Worship (in Spirit and Truth)

“God is Spirit: God cannot be confined to a particular location. Those who receive the Holy Spirit and believe in Jesus Christ can worship God the Father with purity of heart.” (Orthodox Study Bible, John 4:20-24)

“God is not limited by time and space. When people are born of the Spirit, they can commune with God anywhere…Christ makes worship a matter of the heart. Truth is what is in harmony with the nature and will of God.” (Foundation Study Bible, John 4:24)

“Therefore, those who thus do reverence to the supreme Father in spirit and truth are the true worshipers, by conceiving the incorporeal incorporeally. For thus they will truly see Him everywhere in His Spirit and Truth. Since God is spirit, He is incorporeal, but the incorporeal is not situated in place, nor circumscribed by special boundaries. Therefore, if someone says that God must be revered in some definite place among those in all the earth in heaven, he does not speak truly nor does he worship truly. As incorporeal, God is nowhere; as God, He is everywhere…He is boundless…Because He sustains and encompasses the universe, He is in Himself both everywhere and also beyond the universe.” (St. Gregory Palamas)

“The first martyr Stephen was killed because he preached to his people that God could not be confined to their temple for God “is present everywhere and fills all things.” Just as Christ taught “salvation is of the Jews” (John 4:22), the gift of Christ is through His Church and is for the entire world. It is available to those who seek, find, and worship God in Spirit and in Truth (John 14:6). These are the worshippers God is seeking and are considered true worshippers just as Christ tell us (John 4:23-24).” (Sacramental Living Blog)

“… there are many who think and act as if Church is optional in this regard. For example, a young woman I worked with who…had left the Church was one day asked by her mom why she didn’t go to Church any more. She replied, “Why bother, God is everywhere, why do I need to pray in Church when I can pray at home?”…While perhaps sounding logical, the young woman’s answer revealed a fundamental misunderstanding…Though God is present everywhere, He is most present to us in the Church, in the Sacraments, and in the Eucharist. Christ Himself would not have established the Church is this were not so. Coming to Church with the right heart to receive Him into us is the highest form of worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth.” (Sacramental Living and Sacramental Living Ministries)

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