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“It is interesting to note how many artists have had physical problems to overcome, deformities, lameness, terrible loneliness. Could Beethoven have written that glorious paean of praise in the Ninth Symphony if he had not had to endure the dark closing in of deafness? As I look through his work chronologically, there’s no denying that it deepens and strengthens along with the deafness. Could Milton have seen all that he sees in Paradise Lost if he had not been blind? It is chastening to realize that those who have no physical flaw, who move through life in step with their peers, who are bright and beautiful, seldom become artists. The unending paradox is that we do learn through pain.” (Madeleine L'Engle)

“To all who commit their lives to Him, Christ our God promises the gift of the Holy Spirit, also called the Paraclete, Helper, and Comforter. The Spirit will abide with the disciples of Christ and dispense light, life, power, healing, mercy, and the presence of Christ Himself, exactly as needed. This work of the Holy Spirit…has particular bearing on the issue of pain, for the Spirit brings us the strength to overcome pain’s terrible and dehumanizing effects. He enables the faithful to endure and even transforms their lamenting into joy (John 16:20-22)…” (Dynamis 6/3/2020)

“Darkness indicates both spiritual ignorance and satanic opposition to the light. Those who hate truth prefer ignorance for themselves and strive to keep others ignorant as well (John 3:19). The word translated comprehend means both “understand” and “overcome.” Thus, darkness can never overpower the light of Christ, nor can it understand the way of love.” (Orthodox Study Bible, John 1:5)

“The devil still promotes hatred in any heart that will grant him entrance…The Church, both ancient and modern, is joined to God in love in order that we may overcome all hatred.” (Dynamis 1/2/2020)

“…the spiritual life is a process. I can’t expect to avoid obstacles while trying to lead a spiritual life, and most often the greatest obstacles we have to overcome proceed from our ourselves…” (Constantina R. Palmer)

“… life is difficult and imperfect, and one is allowed to struggle to overcome one’s limitations. We will face failures in school, in work, in business, in relationships, and in other areas of our lives; however, these difficulties do not define our identities…As Jesus said, “I am the Vine and you are the branches.” As long as we are attached to the Vine, we always have life. A simple reminder of this is when St. John wrote in his letters, “In Him was the true light." If Jesus took upon human flesh, He must have experienced many of the struggles and questions each and every one of us face.” (Fr. George Shalhoub)

“Christ promises us that in this world we will have tribulation, but that despite the trouble and suffering and persecution that come our way, we can also have peace in this world when we are in Christ, who has overcome this world. All of the suffering, pain, temptation, rejection, sorrow, and loneliness that this world has to offered, Christ endured for us. He not only endured, He rose from the dead, vindicated. If we believe in Christ, and we spiritually dwell with Him, then we can have a sense of peace regardless of our circumstances, because we know how our story will end. When you face suffering and trials in this life, do you have a sense of peace from knowing Christ, or do you become impatient and short-tempered that things aren't going more smoothly? Do you expect your life to be easy, and blame God when it isn't, or do you expect it to be difficult, and thank God for helping you get through?” (Father Stephen De Young)

“The person of faith doesn’t get too high on life’s successes or low on its failures. The person of faith uses the tools of the faith—The Fruits of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control—Gal. 5:22–23), gratitude, service, prayer, scripture, worship, sacraments—to arm one’s soul with the tools to overcome adversity, pain, disappointment and failure.” (Fr. Stavros N. Akrotirianakis)

“No matter how bad it seems, with God’s help we can overcome. No matter how great the challenge seems, we can make it through. No matter how big the mountain, we can climb it. No matter how bad the odds seem, we can win. No matter the enemy we are facing, we must stand and proclaim, “That’s all right. That’s okay. We’re going to beat you anyway.” (Arron Chambers)

“May God grant us our prayer: to sail on a swift ship under a favorable breeze and finally reach a haven of safety; that we may not be exposed to spiritual obstacles too great to overcome; that we may not meet with shipwreck to our faith. We pray also for a peace profound and, if there be anything that may arouse the storms of this world against us, that we may have as our ever-watchful pilot our Lord Jesus, who by His command can calm the tempest and restore once more the sea’s tranquility. To Him be honor and glory in perpetuity, both now and forever, and for all ages to come. Amen. (3:24)” (St. Ambrose)

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