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‘and no one, having drunk old wine, immediately desires new; for he says, ‘The old is better’ (Luke 5:39). This saying occurs only in Luke's account, and illustrates…the difficulty with…the inner resistance a person faces in turning from a sinful way of life, and…the general stubbornness of the human heart…All of us have chosen to act against what is right and to resist the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Our personal failures begin in the heart.” (Orthodox Study Bible, Luke 5:39, Dynamis 3/17/2020)

“Man is a free moral agent. In spite of God's endowment of the gifts of rebirth and adoption, he can refuse and resist the divine calling and the indwelling Spirit he received in the sacraments.” (Father Eusebius Stephanou)

“Do we allow our own hearts to harden against the faith? If we read Romans 1:20-21 in conjunction with John 7:28, we understand that something inside us resists the Lord – even as we know that He is true and comes from above.” (Dynamis 5/13/2020)

“How we spend our money and our time are important. How we do the “little things” of the day. Living with awareness and gratitude – not as an afterthought, but as a way of life – are essential. Modernity teaches us to avoid suffering and to maximize pleasure. The Cross teaches us that there is no goodness that is not somehow marked by suffering. We rightly reject the path of least resistance and the lure of an easy life. Our path should be marked by love (laying down our life for others) as we seek to unite ourselves to Christ in all things.” (Father Stephen Freeman)

“All of us have chosen to act against what is right and to resist the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Our personal failures begin in the heart. Still, even in this life, Wisdom’s feast is spread out for all who will listen. Christ invites us, the repentant sinners, to “take eat, this is My Body which is given for you.” (OCPM 3/14/2017)

“If a defining characteristic of the modern world is disorder, then the most fundamental act of resistance is to establish order. If we don’t have internal order, we will be controlled by our human passions and by the powerful outside forces who are in greater control of directing liquid modernity’s deep currents.” (Rod Dreher)

“I will tell you from experience that the sooner we accept what God has given us, the easier it will be to bear God’s good yoke, His easy yoke. It becomes heavy from our inner resistance.” (Fr. John Krestiankin)

“It is human nature to point to our inadequacies and let them direct us down the path of least resistance.” (Ginger Garrett)

“God demonstrates His consistent faithfulness even in the face of human resistance." (Life Application Study Bible, Jeremiah 7:27)

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