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“Enlightenment from God in itself is beyond all words, and even beyond evaluation by other men (1 Cor 2:15). Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit speaks through spiritual people words that truly reflect the unspeakable knowledge of faith…In the measure that we pay attention and take care to carry out what we hear, God will always enlighten and make us understand His will.” (Orthodox Study Bible, 1 Corinthians 2:12-15, St. Dorotheos of Gaza)

“The term postmodern culture is used in many different ways, and cannot be grasped except in contrast to its predecessor, modernism, to which it is in reaction. Modernism displayed a high level of confidence in the abilities of humanity. Rooted in the Enlightenment, modernists attempted to rid themselves of the mystery of religion and things spiritual so as to focus purely on the empirical facts of science. Some believed that humanity could build a perfect society founded on human principles and structures. The movement was idealistic, and its breakdown was painful to the generation that experienced it.” (V. Rev. Fr. David J. Randolph)

“For such people, their own light is enough. They don't even stop to consider that true illumination is the light of God, which leads to God and reveals Him. And people will probably have to pay for this "enlightened atheism." (Ivan Ilyin)

“A material minded man is he who renders all things to the reasonings of the mind, and considers not that he needs help from above…It is foolishness to him and he is not able to “come to know.”…That is to say, the things that need faith, and understanding by reasoning is not possible, for the magnitude exceeds by a great deal of paltriness of our understanding.” (St. John Chrysostom)

“As human beings, we notice when something surprises or jars us. If we know ourselves well, we understand that our perceptions only partially correspond to reality, and smile at our former self when we are enlightened.” (Edith M. Humphrey)

“Let the one who pursues the contemplative life approach his Creator to be enlightened in heart…Let him take time for holy meditations on the sacred Scriptures; let him, being divinely illuminated, delight in them.” (Father Julianus Pomerius)

“The mind of Christ is enlightenment by the Holy Spirit...The mind of Christ, then, is not private but is given to all: it is the mind of the Church.” (Orthodox Study Bible, 1 Corinthians 2:16)

"Human reason is the image of God in man, for it reflects in its knowledge the eternal wisdom of God. Augustine understands this to mean that the divine Logos enlightens every man with innate truths about God, morals, and reason itself. These rationes aeternae in the soul of man provide us with unchanging and universal truth, and Christ the truth is the teacher within." (Arthur Holmes)

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