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“God’s sense of timing will confound ours, no matter what culture we’re form. His grace rarely operates according to our schedule…The secret to peace with God is to discover, accept and appreciate God’s perfect timing. The danger is to doubt or resent God’s timing.” (Pastor Timothy Keller, Life Application Study Bible, Ecclesiastes 3:1-8)

“Godly patience is a willingness to wait for God’s timing." (David Wilkerson)

“...we need to resist the temptation to jump ahead before receiving the Spirit’s direction...Don’t jump ahead—trust God’s careful to follow faithfully wherever the Holy Spirit leads.” (Life Application Study Bible, Luke 3:23, 4:1)

“Most of us have heard the phrase ‘timing is everything.’ There is a lot of truth to it. However, I think we can often miss discerning the right time, or miss recognizing the significance of something the timing is revealing to us in terms of what we should think or do if we are not spiritually discerning. Therefore, timing is indeed everything but being properly prepared to recognize God’s timing is critical.” (Sacramental Living Blog)

“At times I may face several options where I could serve God. I need to know which of these good things is what God desires of me. When I face a decision about God’s direction, I review my spiritual markers. I don’t take the next step without the context of the full activity of God in my life. This helps me see God’s perspective for my past and present. Then I look at the options that are before me. I look to see which one of the options seems to be most consistent with what God has been doing in my life. Often one of these directions will be most consistent with what God already has been doing. If none of the directions seems consistent, I continue to pray and wait on the Lord’s guidance. When circumstances do not align with what God is saying in the Bible and in prayer, I assume that the timing may be wrong. I then wait for God to reveal His timing." (Henry Blackaby)

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