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“The Greek biblical word “nous” (adjective “noetic”) gets translated “mind” in English bibles, but it doesn’t mean the cogitating intellect. The nous is the aspect of “mind” that comprehends and understands; it is designed to perceive the voice and presence of God...“Noetic reality,” the reality of God’s presence.” (Frederica Mathewes-Green)

“...the mind and logic are not the same thing; logic functions within the brain, while the mind functions within the heart. Thus, the noetic faculty of the heart is the energy of the mind inside the heart. This important distinction results in the...Church seeing herself not as a religious institution, but rather as a hospital of the soul, where one comes for therapeutic procedures that restore the health of the soul and allow it to progress toward the ultimate goal of union with God..." (Abbot Tryphon)

“We can know God because He wills to make Himself known. But noetic living is not a technique, per se. It simply describes the proper grounding for the spiritual life. Thus, whether reading Scripture, praying, attending a service, or simply being still, we actively and quietly offer ourselves to God. We should not expect this to automatically produce some wonderful result (it’s not a technique). But as we engage in these activities with the right mind …we do indeed learn to perceive God.” (Father Stephen Freeman)

“When God the Logos created human nature He did not make the senses susceptible either to pleasure or pain; instead, He implanted in it a certain noetic capacity through which men could enjoy Him in an inexpressible way.” (St. Maximos the Confessor)

“For true peace lies in a noetic union with Christ and wells up from deep down inside the core of one’s being. It is a peace arising from oneness of heart with Him Who said, “My peace I give to you” (Dynamis 2/10/13)

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