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“To “wait” for the Lord entails confident expectation and active hope, never passive resignation…Waiting, for the believer, is not the futile and desperate act of those who have no other options, but rather a confident trust that eventually God will set things right." (Foundation Study Bible, Isaiah 40:31, Gary Thomas)

“Would you like God to reveal Himself to you in such recognizable ways? He may do so, but be wary of forcing your expectations on God. In 1 Kings 19:10-13, Elijah also needed a message from God. First came a great wind, then an earthquake, and finally a fire. But God’s message came in a “gentle whisper.” God may use dramatic methods to work in your life—or He may speak in gentle whispers. Wait patiently and always listen.” (Life Application Study Bible, Acts 2:1-11)

“Waiting is, by its nature, something only the humble can do with grace. When we wait for something, we recognize that we are not in control." (John Ortberg)

“Frequently, if we were sensitive and listening, there come clear insights of things to be done. Often they come in that receptive silent waiting after we have opened our needs and where we do nothing but wait for direction." (Douglas Steere)

“The time you spend waiting today can become the critical time God uses to prepare you for the answers to your prayers." (Ginger Garrett)

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