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“God has entrusted every single person with a measure of adversity…Times of adversity are always times of opportunity." (James MacDonald, Warren Wiersbe)

"Often God allows us a period of waiting to show ourselves, and others, how we react and what we do in the face of difficulty, for it is only in adversity that virtue will be made manifest." (Archimandrite Sergius)

" is the mark of a courageous and noble soul not to despair in adversity. (St. John of Karpathos)

“Adversity—It can drive us to our knees in despair and depression or it can drive us to our knees in humble recognition of our dependence on the Father. It’s our choice." (Rebecca Lusignolo)

“Adversity destroys this superficial faith. But adversity strengthens real faith by causing believers to dig their roots deeper into God in order to withstand the storms.” (Life Application Study Bible, Job 1:9)

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