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“At these unsettled times, faith and obedience are especially important. The eternal God is not often in a hurry. He typically works slowly but steadily to show us His gracious will so that we might fulfill it. But once we discern that something new has appeared on the horizon, we should prepare ourselves for Him to disclose His good purpose for the next phase of our lives. Yet, in all the circumstances and stages of our lives, we should remain steadfast in our hope in Christ. Ultimately, we know what is “in the offing” for all believers. We do not know the details of our life beyond death. But on the horizon is the return of the Lord Jesus Christ in glory and our final resurrection to life eternal.” (Fr. Basil)

“To say that we live in unsettled times, filled with anger and hatred, is an understatement. News and images of war and fear, inhumanity and death, flash before our eyes every day. The world sees aggression as a sign of strength, forgiveness and reconciliation as a sign of weakness. Yet, in the midst of such chaos, the light of the empty tomb shines forth in those who embrace the risen Savior, the Light of the world “Who can never be overcome by darkness” and Who challenges us to let our light shine before mankind. May we be accounted worthy of our calling by offering to one and all that divine forgiveness Our Lord so abundantly grants to those who accept—and offer—it. And may the eternal joy of His Kingdom consume us here and now, even as we anticipate the fulfillment of all things in the Risen Christ.” (Metropolitan Herman)

“Each of us takes a different approach to resolving the unresolved. There is such a wide spectrum of responses to the experiences in our lives that have left a painful mark on us…As we engage in this work…(a relentless pursuit of healing/healing driven life…work is not merely “psychological” [but] spiritual)… we gain experience. It becomes less overwhelming. We get a sense of how “it” works. We become more confident in and less fearful of the process. We learn to trust the healing process and experience God as our helper and companion. When beginning to confront or address new pain that is coming out or being released, we might temporarily feel more anxious, distressed, or just unsettled. However, if we keep moving and push through, we can abruptly and quite suddenly find ourselves in a place of peace as our mind finally releases hidden and unresolved pain.” (Fr. Joshua Makoul)

“It is conscience as well as common sense which must be our supreme guide in all things: so that when conscience becomes unsettled, when our convictions are disturbed, when we are in doubt about how to act or what to believe—then and only then are we bound before God to search again for that former peace of mind, to restore that spiritual tranquility we once enjoyed or are unable to enjoy. We must settle our conscience, regain clear convictions, resolve all doubts, and clear up all questions of belief, so that we may ride once more through life with common sense and right reason at the wheel. Thus, every ne, then who is true to himself can find salvation through the Church.” (Fr. Theodore Ziton)

“What is it Christ offers us? The…gift of peace [John 14:27]. It implies that what is troubling us is the unsettling state of our souls. All the ingredients for a wholesome, complete life are within us. We may be praying for the wrong things—escape, outside help, a windfall of funds—none of them will be of spiritual benefit. What we need is salvation.” (Fr. Vladimir Berzonsky)


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