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“When we seek the Lord, our heart begins to burn. The heart is warmed, and if our thoughts are concentrated in one point and the concentration is powerful, then the flame of the heart grows stronger and stronger, and we do everything from the heart. After that we see things around us changing—people's thoughts also start to change—all because of the peace that radiates from us. We see the thoughts of people around us actually changing! The people are changing! They feel good in our presence. Perhaps they had been at war with us before, but now they feel us radiating peace. As for us, we now no longer return "an eye for an eye," but rather good and kind thoughts.” (Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica)

“How very different we discover other people who are happy, though poor, who set their love and affection upon God, whose very lives are fountains of love, happiness, and good will, who visualize the world as their parish, which affords them an opportunity for service, ever breathing good will to all and sundry. The reason for this is the fact that they set their love upon God and man and they feel their indebtedness to both. Their lives radiate truth, kindness, consideration and friendship. In other words, they have what money cannot buy and without which money can buy nothing. Such people are not only blessed, but they are a blessing to all with whom they come in contact. They are loved not because of what they have, but rather are loved because of what they are.” (Fr. Michael Baroudy)

“When we accept the [spiritual] gifts, we are responsible for their use. They are not to be treated lightly but to supplement our own personal attributes, not to be ignored or stored away or left to atrophy in our minds, bodies and souls. On the other hand, when we do make use of them in our lives as well as in the lives of those who are influenced by the life of Christ they recognize in us, another aspect of the Holy Spirit takes place. By using the gifts of the Spirit, we internalize the divine presence in ourselves. The fruit of the Spirit blossoms forth within us. We radiate with spirituality like the icons on our walls that have no shadows because the light emanating from them glows from within.” (Very Rev. Vladimir Berzonsky)

“The glory of God is the light of God, the energy of God, the very life of God as it comes to us enabling us both to perceive spiritual realities by direct experience and to radiate that same glory to the degree of our illumination. According to St. Isaac, sometimes God overwhelms human beings with His glory, so that they perceive and radiate beyond their measure. But this is rare. Most of us for most of our life slowly grow in godliness. This growth is not a steady climb…but is a waxing and waning resulting in growth through trials and tribulations. It’s rather like a fruit tree that experiences harsh winters, spring times of growth and blossom, and harvest times of hard labor, only to be followed by a necessary and painful pruning and yet another harsh winter. And somehow through it all, the tree grows and becomes more fruitful. This is how the grace of God works in our lives to illumine us with the glory of God.” (Fr. Michael Gillis)

“Does Christ radiate in you? That’s the secret that’s the key to everything, isn’t it? Does Christ radiate in you? If He does, the children indeed, the people you meet will feel Him radiating. Does Christ radiate in you? What a thing to say to us, what an invitation the idea that Christ could radiate in us…Let Him fill you up, so that He will radiate in you and pour into the children who surround you and who absorb Him from you.” (Elissa Bjeletich)


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