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Neutrality (Spiritual)

“Not long after the Lord expresses His longing to ignite this fire [Luke 12:49-53, Satan launches his final assault to eliminate the God-man through the ultimate baptism of the Cross (vs. 50). Covert conflict becomes open war. From that day onward, the human race has lived in a state of total spiritual war. No one is neutral; there is no “civilian population” removed from the conflict. In the end, each person on earth supports one side or the other.” (Dynamis 11/11/2020)

“Life in God’s covenant means faithfulness to Him. But that is not a neutral course of action, nor is it one that goes unopposed. If we keep faith with God, then we break faith with the other side in the war that was launched by the rebellious angelic beings. And there are no civilians or bystanders in this war. There is no neutral ground.”…Anyway, even if we are not possessed by demons, we are certainly involved with them. What do I mean? We know as Christians that if we do the works of God, by being faithful to Him, loyal to Him, obedient to Him, imitating Him, then we become more like Him. This process is called theosis. But there is an opposite process, too. If we do the works of demons—if we sin—then we become like them instead. There is no neutral ground.” (Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick)

“Just as Moses demanded “Who is on the LORD’s side?” (Exod 32:26 ESV) in the wake of the golden calf debacle, so the question is put to every person today. There is salvation in no other name—the name of Jesus, who was and is the Name, the presence of Yahweh, who tabernacled on earth (John 1:14) in flesh for the salvation of the nations.” (Michael S. Heiser)

“The notion of sacred space that was so integral to the temple worship of the Old Covenant is not discarded in the New. By atoning for the whole world, Christ effectively cleansed the material creation from the taint left behind by human sin and sanctified the world as sacred space. As a result, there is (still) no neutral or meaningless ground in all creation, nor do material objects and places simply occupy “secular” space.” (Fr. Stephen De Young)

“We are a people who live by facts (or imagine that we do). We think that a fact “just is,” and is neither one thing nor another – it just is. As such, we think that facts are neutral things. But this is secularism. Nothing in all of creation is “neutral.” Nothing “just is.” Everything exists only as it relates to God. Everything exists only as it exists in the truth. It’s “fact-ness” can be beside the point, and even contrary to the point.” (Father Stephen Freeman)


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