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Judgment Day

“Judgment Day will not be based on the relativity of how I measure up compared to others. My judgment will be based on what I did with what I was given by God and what I knew, no matter what others did or knew. “I’m not as bad as others,” will not be a good defense on Judgment Day. I will not be measured against a great saint or a great sinner. God will judge me on what I did with the little or great amount that God gave to me (see the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25:14-30 or Luke 19:11-27 or think about the good father’s words to the Prodigal’s older brother in Luke 15:25-32).” (Fr. Ted Bobosh)

“The tribulations that come to us are sometimes the antibiotics given by God for the illnesses of our soul, and - spiritually - help us very much. A person receives a soft "smack" and his heart is softened. God, of course, knows the condition of each person. However, because we do not know this condition, He allows that we be tested, so that we come: to know ourselves; to find the passions hidden within us; and [to] not have unreasonable expectations on the Day of Judgment.” (Blessed Elder Paisios)

“… Judgment Day will be like the situation in which the bridesmaids (or virgins) of the parable [Matthew 25:1-13] found themselves: some ready for it, some not ready. The time one decides for God is now and not at some undefined point in the future. If "time and tide waits for no man," certainly the Parousia [Second Coming] is no exception. The tragedy of the closed door is that individuals close it, not God. The exclusion from the marriage feast, the kingdom, is of our own making. Second, we are reminded that watchfulness and readiness do not mean a wearisome, spiritless performance of formal and empty obligations. Most certainly it does not mean inactivity and slothfulness. Watchfulness signifies inner stability, soberness, tranquility and joy. It means spiritual alertness, attentiveness and vigilance. Watchfulness is the deep personal resolve to find and do the will of God, embrace every commandment and every virtue, and guard the intellect and heart from evil thoughts and actions. Watchfulness is the intense love of God.” (Greek Orthodox Archdiocese)

“When we embrace evil we reject love, which means rejecting God’s love. Although God’s love for us does not change or diminish, it is possible for us to turn our backs on His mercy, and so make ourselves incapable of experiencing it. This is the terrible fire of Judgment Day, not the hateful anger of God, but the reality of infinite love that has been rejected.” (Fr. Spyridon Baily)

“Either we become accustomed to the light of God’s love in this life through repentance and self-understanding of our sinfulness (compared to God’s purity), or we will want to flee from His love and light because of the sheer pain it causes us on Judgment Day.” (Fr. David L. Fontes, PsyD)


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