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“Samuel's acuity in spiritual hearing came because he was a man prayerfully attuned to the Lord… The saints of all ages are persons whose sight-in-God was true, and they were also hearers of God on our behalf… A like attribute belongs to all those whose spiritual ears hear the Lord. Of course, the Source of the hearing ear or the perceptive eye wells up from God Himself; He gives to those who undertake the arduous path of prayer and ascetic discipline the capacity to know His heart and mind.” (Dynamis 9/25/2019)

“…it is the quiet prayerful space of the early morning that enables us to be better attuned to God’s particular call for us each day. Without such an intentional space for prayer, hearing the “voice” of God becomes quite difficult. (Robert J. Wicks)

“Christ declares, “Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice” (John 18:37). Among… Christians, some are fully attuned to divine truth, some partially so, and some barely. Our faith calls us to the struggle of knowing and embracing Truth Himself in worship and in all of life. However, the numbing effects of this world often seduce us into negligence and mindlessness…As we grow in the Lord, our vision gradually conforms to the Lord’s mind, until we find ourselves thinking with Him. We develop what Father George Florovsky calls a “scriptural mind” – one which is wholly attuned to God.” (OCPM 5/29/2016, 5/13/2017)

“For the more comfortable that we get in choosing ourselves over God and neighbor, the less attuned we will be to how what we say, think, and do every day weakens us in our ability to live faithfully. The subtle temptations are often the most dangerous. We can ruin any human relationship through a settled habit of self-centeredness or thoughtlessness, no matter how insignificant and ordinary our words and deeds may seem. The same is true in our relationship with the Lord.” (Fr. Philip LeMasters)

“Divine guidance, or spiritual guidance, is not something we turn on when needed or summon as desired. It is the result of cultivating a relationship with God. The more we seek God in earnest, the more we perceive His presence and the more attune we are to the Holy Spirit’s guidance.” (Sacramental Living Ministries)

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