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“Beware of passionate attachments to the world. Although they deceive you with peace and comfort, they are so fleeting that you do not notice how you are deprived of them, and in their place come sorrow, longing, despondency, and no comfort whatsoever.” (St. Leonid of Optina)

“When God discloses our attachments, our inordinate loves, and the idolatrous bondages in our lives, He is urging us to sell all – to do whatever is necessary to rid ourselves of anything holding us back from life in Him.” (Dynamis 12/21/2014)

“Be true to God always and in everything. If you say the prayer "Our Father..." pronounce each word sincerely, with reverence, fixing your mind and heart upon God alone, not paying attention to anything or anybody around you. If you say any other prayer, say it also with all your soul, not with your heart divided, not paying undue attention to anything or anybody. The enemy of our salvation especially strives to draw our heart and mind away from God when we are about to serve Him, and endeavours to adulterously attach our heart to something irrelevant. Be always, every moment, with God, especially when you pray to Him.” (St. John of Kronstadt)

“Because we lack a divine Center, our need for security has led us into an insane attachment to things…“There must be no dallying with an attachment which is incompatible with the Love of God.” (Richard Foster, Francis de Sales)

“There are a few things that can make any attachment to the things of this world spiritually unhealthy. One can be the nature of the thing itself and another can be the priority it has in our life. A good thing can easily become a bad thing if we place it before our relationship with God. Christ knows our hearts and our unhealthy attachments and will reveal them to us if we choose to seek Him.” (Sacramental Living Ministries)

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