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Heart (Hardened and Rebellious)

“The ability of some people to willfully harden their hearts is almost unbelievable. They possess a determined stubbornness that defy common sense and rational thought. It’s as though once they decide upon a direction, they literally can’t change course. The truth, however, is that these people are not incapable of changing course. Their problem is that they have consciously or subconsciously counted the cost of believing the truth and have decided the price to be too high.” (Eric M. Hill)

“The heart inclined to idolatry, sin, and evil is like newly mixed cement. The cement is soft and it has a chance to be reshaped and reformed for a while. But it eventually hardens beyond the point where it can be reshaped and reformed. After that it can only be smashed and broken apart.” (Sacramental Living Blog)

“Israel's attachment to this world often led them to forget the one true God and to go after other gods. We, too, need to guard our hearts, lest we do the same thing…The Lord brought them out of Egypt that He might bring them in to the land of promise. Similarly, He brings us out of our attachments to this world and into attachment to the kingdom of God…A conscience seared with a hot iron [1 Timothy 4:2] describes the reality that repeated willful sin blunts our sensitivity to good and evil. A grim warning to all Christians to reject evil in all forms and thereby maintain a softness of heart toward God.” (Orthodox Study Bible, Deuteronomy 6:12, 23, 1 Timothy 4:2)

“…the way to find life is to practice the way of the Lord…Spiritual death and destruction always remain a possibility….Finding life, very plainly, demands obedience, constancy in prayer and worship and, above all, watchfulness over our hearts and souls and adherence to what is required of us.” (Dynamis 6/11/2019)

“We often use such phrases as “good hearted;” “a perfect heart,” “the heart of the matter,” “a hardened heart,” “a pure heart,” “a foolish heart” or “a broken heart.” Many of these expressions have come from the writers of the Bible. Indeed, the word “heart” or its derivative occurs almost 1000 times in the KJV of the Bible from the front cover to the end. Do we need to be a theologian, a monk, a physiatrist, or an intellectual to understand this? No, surely not. Most of what we need to know is just plain common sense. After all, no one can deny that we have this place in our being that makes us run. It is our personal identity. Our heart makes us who we are. It is easy to us to talk about the “heart of the problem.” Indeed, everyone has a heart to understand, and recognizing this is the first step to becoming identified with our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Rick Burns)

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