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Sin and Cleansing

“When our bodies are dirty, we take a bath or a shower. When our bodies are infected, we take medicine. When our cars are dirty, we wash them or have them washed. When our homes are dirty, we clean them, especially when we have invited people over and prior to their arrival. When we invite the Lord into our lives through prayer; when we invite Him into our body, mind, and soul through Holy Communion, we should be cleansing our hearts from sin through repentance and confession. We need to think of repentance and confession, not as some obligatory and dreadful duty, or something to avoid; but as a deep cleansing of our hearts to prepare ourselves to receive the most important Person into our lives. The Lord cannot dwell in unclean hearts. Further, just as we can’t see through a dirty window, we can’t “see” God, perceive the truth in all situations, or experience His reality without being cleansed. ” (Sacramental Living Blog)

“Just as in the days of Isaiah, God’s people attempt to replace obedience with ceremony. We ignore God’s commands to care for the destitute, and we lose sight of God’s requirements for justice and righteousness. Each of us stands before God dirty and bloody, saying we are still His people, when we are clearly not ready to fellowship with a holy God. We need to be cleaned up first.” (Foundation Study Bible, Isaiah 1:18-20)

“God s light. This is God’s nature, in His essential being, just as He is Spirit (John 4:24) and love (4:8). Light refers to God’s moral character; no darkness at all. God is holy, untouched by any evil or sin. Because God is light, those who desire fellowship with Him must also be pure...To walk in darkness means to live contrary to the moral character of God, to live a sinful life. To claim fellowship with God without living a moral life or practicing the truth is to live a lie, since God cannot compromise His holiness to accommodate sin.” (Foundation Study Bible, 1 John 1:5, 6)

“The Church’s teachings come from the true, living Body of Christ; they nourish and give life. These truths lead us to God’s grace and result in a cleansing repentance…Indeed, we have a share in the process of cleansing ourselves. Prayer, fasting, and worship are required of us…even when our evil thoughts cease, our soul is not yet pure. To purify our entire inner life, including our heart, requires self-control, love, and vigilance.” (Dynamis 6/17/2014, 8/20/2015)

“And when we have cleansed ourselves with repentance, we shall see that the misfortunes sent to us were actually signs of the Lord’s mercy and love for us. And we shall understand that we need these more than all the good things of the world.” (Abbot Nikon Vorobiev)

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