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Live Lenten Lecture Tonight, April 3, ~7:45 pm - Woundedness and Transformation: Encountering Christ

Woundedness and Transformation: Encountering Christ as the Wounded Healer

Join the conversation LIVE or in person at 7:45pm EST on Orthodox Christian Network Wednesday, April 3, 2019 ~7:45 pm EST, after Pre-sanctified Liturgy service. You can view and download slides. Sponsored by The Greek Orthodox Church of Saint George, Bethesda, Maryland & Sacramental Living Ministries with Michael Haldas.

• Spiritual reality of woundedness • Embracing or avoiding – how we face and deal with our wounds • Biblical case study in woundedness and transformation • How Christ treated and healed wounds of body, mind, and soul • Types of wounds and how we treat them in ourselves and others •

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