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Grace (Dependency On and Transformation)

“If Jesus is our Lord, our Savior, and the Son of God, then in Him we see God, and know God. In Him we see God’s Love and know God’s Love. In Him we see God’s forgiveness and know God’s forgiveness. In Him we know God’s grace, God’s unbounded Love and experience God’s transforming grace and power. In Him we become sons and daughters of God and can call God Father. In Him we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit that testifies to our heart that we are truly sons and daughters and that we can call God Father and are brothers and sisters in Christ.” (Father John Zeyack)

“How else am I able to labor for Christ, to be well-pleasing to Him, except by His grace…? I falter, I fudge, I fall asleep – truly, I am the unprofitable servant. Yet from my poorest efforts, by God’s grace, comes service that is blessed, fruitful, and productive – even a blessing to those who need it. How are my efforts turned from mediocre into good? The grace of Lord guides me wisely in my actions and guards me with glory…. There is no other explanation.” (Dynamis 1/28/2019)

“That’s why grace is often referred to as amazing. It doesn’t just mean we are forgiven by God for our wrongdoing, but we are empowered to overcome the human tendency to be evil. Not only to commit evil acts but also to create evil cultures and structures to institutionalize and legitimize the evil people do.” (Rice Broocks)

“Where love is, there is Christ—Love—and where humility exists, the Grace of God takes up permanent residence, God reigns, and the earth is ultimately transformed into Paradise. Where love and humility are absent, there the devil—the enemy—takes up his abode and people live in hell with the devil already in this life, continually worsening their place in the next life, in the eternal fire.” (St. Paisios the Athonite)

“Only those who have interior prayer and watch over their souls receive the gifts of grace.” (St. Seraphim of Sarov)

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