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Church (as Hospital)

“The Church is like a hospital for those sick with sin, not a place where perfect people celebrate their holiness. Jesus set it up that way. The Church is Christ and it is provided for our redemption. If the Church is doing its job, it will always be full of sinners, and if it is full of sinners, it is bound to be a dysfunctional family. And if it is a dysfunctional family, it is going to be very difficult to live with. But it is still Jesus’ family and each person must find his or her place in the family.” (Sacramental Living, Joseph Girzone)

“The Church is the hospital of the soul, but healing can come only if we put effort into it. If your doctor prescribes a medication for your condition but you fail to follow your doctor’s orders, you will not get well. The Church has all you need for spiritual transformation, but healing comes only if you cooperate with the healing process.” (Abbot Tryphon)

“There is nothing high-minded about Christian holiness. It is most at home in the slum, the street, the hospital ward: and the mysteries through which its gifts are distributed are themselves chosen from among the most homely realities of life. A little water, some fragments of bread, and a chalice of wine are enough to close the gap between two worlds; and give soul and senses a trembling contact with the Eternal Charity.” (Evelyn Underhill)

“…it is helpful to remember what the Samaritan in the parable did for the robbed and beaten man. He administered first aid, took him to an inn, paid the innkeeper to care for him, and promised to pay for any additional expenses when he returned. Christ does the same for us in baptism, the Eucharist, and the full sacramental life of the Church, which is a hospital for our recovery from the ravages of sin. Through the Church, He also calls us to spiritual disciplines that help us gain the strength to convey His mercy to our neighbors by loving them as we love ourselves.” (Fr. Philip LeMasters)

“…both the person in need of healing and the person performing the healing must believe, pray, and fast.” (Orthodox Study Bible, Matthew 17:19-21)

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