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“The verb, ‘endure,’ from, synkakopatheson, means literally, ‘to suffer affliction with.’ ” (Dynamis 7/27/2018)

“Suffering is an inescapable aspect of human life in the present world. Suffering, affliction and tragic experiences disclose the vulnerable nature of human life; it enables us to recognize our limitations as human beings and our dependence upon others and upon God for sustenance in life. Suffering has the potential to lead human beings either to despair, misery and self enclosure or to transcendence through hope and faith, trusting the benevolence of God.” (Fr. Emmanuel Clapsis)

“In the Word we hear of God, but in affliction we see Him. Affliction is a furnace to try the faith of God's people and to see God's faithfulness in his promises. It is a sad thing to have affliction, but not the blessing of affliction; to feel the wood of the cross, but not the good of the cross.” (Thomas Case)

“As hard as it is to endure affliction, to believe God is not the cause but permits it for our good, and that the way to a deeper union with God is often through our personal version of the cross; it is something me must accept, endure, and hold on to the truth of God’s promise and His love. Or we can choose to reject this reality and grow bitter, resentful, and wither in our afflictions. My advice is to choose the former, and pray that God brings people into your life who have endured afflictions and come through them, and let their bright spirits keep you buoyant as you go through yours.” (Sacramental Living Blog )

“Afflictions for God’s sake are dearer to Him than any prayer or sacrifice.” (St. Isaac the Syrian)

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