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Lost (Feeling Lost)

“Too often our minds are filled with worries or unnecessary concerns. Our hearts yearn to experience God, we long for peace and deep joy each day, but instead we feel lost. A spiritual attitude changes this, it softens our souls.” (Robert Wicks)

“…we live in a changing world. It is a challenging and complex world due to change. We experience this in our own lives as we go through each day, as we reflect on the past month and years and consider the course of our lives over time. Due to multiple means of communication and “real time” information, we are presented constantly with events and moments of change from around the world. All of this can be overwhelming, causing many to become insular and reject change or to feel lost while attempting to find meaning and purpose in the midst of change.” (Archbishop Demetrios)

“When you feel lost, remember that “the Son of man came to seek and to save the lost." (Luke 19:10)” (OCA Department of Youth Young Adult, and Campus Ministry)

“We are designed to function poorly, to feel overwhelmed and alone apart from our relationship with Jesus. We are made to be lost without God.” (Angela Thomas McGuffey)

“Feeling lost and overwhelmed is a terrible feeling. The best thing we can do during those times is to patiently focus on Christ and be gentle with ourselves in our struggle when doing so. He knows our anguish and pain and why we are struggling and what we are going through. Sometimes it just takes time and prayer to regain His peace.” (Sacramental Living Blog)

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