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Sacred Space

“The narrative of creation is the story of God creating a sacred space in which to dwell with his creation, humanity…Upon the completion of his own temple, His own sacred space, God then creates His own image.” (Father Stephen De Young)

“The idea or concept of sacred space is woven into our existence. That is why we need to create sacred spaces where we worship and praise. The Church is sacred space but we also need the church in the home, a placed in the home that is set aside as sacred space for prayer and worship.” (Sacramental Living Blog)

“…Holy” literally means ‘set apart for a specific use.’ If something is “holy” then it is used only for one, singular, focused, purpose and for nothing else … It is single mindedness that makes holiness. It is exclusive devotion that creates sacred space…Make a space holy in your home, your heart, your community and then “keep” it holy by focusing your devotion and your purposeful love in remembering the “holy” purpose for which that space exists. Setting a specific place as holy in your life, as sacred, as special, also keeps the chance alive that all places in your life can become holy as well.” (Father Barnabas Powell)

“Seeing home as sacred space motivates us to invest our time and energy here…how wonderful to have a sacred space in the home, a space reserved for Him.” (Kathy Coffey, Elissa Bjeletich)

“Finding that perfect place in your home that can become your cave, or prayer closet, will afford you sacred space where you can go deep into your heart and connect with God. It is the place where you can close off your family, your worries, your job, and your distractions, and go deep into your heart, where you will find the peace that comes from Christ.” (Abbot Tryphon)

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