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False Teaching

“False teachers are always charmed by their own ideas about truth. Worse, because they willfully attract others to adopt their ideas, they become further deluded by the admiration of their followers.” (Dynamis 1/30/2018)

“False teaching has an intoxicating effect that dulls the mind to God’s truth.” (Foundation Study Bible, 2 Timothy 2:26)

“When false teaching goes unchallenged, it breeds more confusion and draws still more shallow and insincere people into the fold.” (John MacArthur)

“The demon of this age insidiously promotes us to assert ourselves. We find this satanic message at school, on the job, and in the media. Springing from the evil spirit of individualism, liberation, self-reliance, and self-expression, it urges us to declare the right to choose in every facet of our lives. Tragically, such glamorous falsehoods confuse, deceive, and actually enlist many of us among the faithful.” (OCPM 10/4/2017)

“At the heart of false teaching is an incorrect view of Christ. In Timothy’s day many asserted that Christ was divine but not human—God but not man. These days we often hear that Jesus was human but not divine—man but not God. Either view destroys the good news that Jesus Christ has taken our sins on himself and has reconciled us to God.” (Life Application Study Bible, 2 Timothy 2:8)

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