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“Resilience is a psychological process of adaptation in the face of obstacles, trauma, tragedy and stress is related to good emotional and physical health…One characteristic of resilience and hardiness is to take decisive action…religious people are more involved, hopeful and optimistic than non-religious individuals.” (Father George Morelli)

“A great spiritual lesson in resilience can be learned from Jesus’ encounter with the Canaanite Woman as described by St. Matthew (15: 21-28). The Canaanite woman came to Jesus crying, "Have pity upon me Son of David!" She wanted a cure for her possessed daughter. It is the only occasion on which Jesus was ever outside of Jewish territory, in the land of Tyre and Sidon north of Galilee where the hated Phoenicians, the enemies of the Jews, lived. At first, Jesus ignored her. But this did not stop her. She acknowledged Him as "Son of David." She was persistent and did not let obstacles - the insults of others - stop her.” (Father George Morelli)

“The Christian life may have more stormy weather than calm seas. As Christ’s follower, be prepared for the storms that will surely come. Do not surrender to the stress, but remain resilient and recover from setbacks. With faith in Christ, you can pray, trust, and move ahead.” (Life Application Study Bible, Mark 4:37)

“Resilience is important for living a meaningful life. Well, yes of course, you’re thinking, that seems fairly obvious. But what really is resilience? Is it just something that some fortunate people have, or can anyone become more resilient?...Ultimately my resilience is built on my connectedness to Christ who gives me purpose and meaning and who is the greatest protective factor of my resilience, in spite of my own human and maladaptive tendencies.” (Stephanie Roofner, MA)

“By building a culture of resilience and relational support within our clergy families and parish communities, the Church moves closer to fulfilling its role of being a healing and hospitable vessel of good news to a broken, traumatized world.” (George Stavros)

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