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Morning Prayer

“Each and every day should begin with our thoughts turned toward God. At the very moment we open our eyes, we should be thanking the Lord for having slept through the night safely and giving thanks for a new day." (Abbot Tryphon)

“Try not to skip your prayer rule, morning or evening. But if you skip it sometime for some reason, especially if it is due to circumstances beyond your control, do not be upset, but humbly reproach yourself for your weakness; for self-reproach is an unseen ascent…is not listed anywhere in the virtues.” (St. Nikon of Optina)

"If you will start your day by meeting with God, it will amaze you how often you see Him at work around you throughout the rest of the day!" (Richard Blackaby)

“Every day before we leave for our job or make breakfast for the children or begin whatever our main task is, we should light our lamp, stand before our icons, and observe Morning Prayer…When we begin our day in prayer, we are empowered with a peaceful heart and enabled to bear witness to Christ. And our life shines forth in holiness and love.” (Abbot Tryphon)

“When we practice a rule of prayer, prayer gradually becomes a holy habit, something we do that is not dependent on feelings or moods or our ability to articulate well. It becomes central to our lives and strengthens our connections to God." (Valerie Hess and Marti Watson Garlett)

“Whether you are in church, or in your house, or in the country; whether you are guarding sheep, or constructing buildings, or present at drinking parties, do not stop praying. When you are able, bend your knees, when you cannot, make intercession in your mind, ‘at evening and at morning and at midday’. If prayer precedes your work and if, when you rise from your bed, your first movements are accompanied by prayer, sin can find no entrance to attack your soul.” (St. Ephraim the Syrian)

“What are you willing to give up in order to know Christ? A crowded schedule in order to set aside a few minutes each day for prayer and Bible study?” (Life Application Study Bible, Philippians 3:9-10)

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