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“Disregard occurs whenever we fail to consider God’s view of how we are living – including our inaction…Chronic disregard sears the conscience and prevents us from knowing fear of the Lord. We can become completely sealed off from awareness of God’s presence and never notice the failure deep within us (vs. 15). When we lose the fear of God, we silence the heart, stifle the saving voice of shame, and shut off healing tears.” (OCPM 10/6/2016)

“We might characterize disregard as a failure to heed natural restraints as well as the promptings of the Holy Spirit.” (Dynamis 11/28/13)

“When the society around us regards the Church’s laws and traditions unfavorably, we can easily give in to thinking the same thing and disregard them ourselves.” (Abbot Tryphon)

“Living life according to God’s purpose does not disregard anyone’s wish list (though for some it may alter the outcome dramatically!). Living according to His purpose brings meaning to our lives, provides a feeling of fulfillment at our deepest levels, and creates in us an impression of wonderment and trust.” (Cynthia Yates)

“Pray often at the coffins, and engrave an indelible image of them in your heart. For unless you inscribe [them] there,” you will never conquer disregard of God.” (Saint John of Sinai)

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