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“There is always the danger, in this scientific age, that we will discount the possibility of falling into idolatry. The Israelites seem unsophisticated when they demand the creation of “gods that shall go before us” (Ex 32:1). Yet we modern thinkers often show ourselves capable of being captivated by secular things and ideas. We fall into the trap of giving persons, programs, movements, or theories the devoted attention and obeisance due to God alone. This constitutes idolatry – the fashioning of other gods. This temptation is especially active when we are inconvenienced, fearful, or insecure.” (Dynamis 12/23/2019)

“We, and often the brightest minds among us, want answers by human standards and sometimes we can actually view people of faith as weak, unsophisticated, and leaning on religion as a crutch. However, it is often through our own sense of our sophistication that we lose the beautiful child-like innocence of faith so precious to Christ and stated by Him as what is required for faith.” (Sacramental Living)

“A great gulf separates those who read the Scriptures over the shoulders of the Fathers and those who read over the shoulders of modern secular academics. The former are open to the possibility that the ancient worldview might have something to teach us, while the latter dismiss it utterly as primitive, unsophisticated, and unscientific.” (Fr. Lawrence Farley)

“The best of men are but unfinished versions of what they should be. Yet they will be the first to profess their own unworthiness and need of supernatural help. The need of those less reach to acknowledge their limitations is more apparent. That suggests why the greatest are least and the least, greatest, why the meek shall inherit the earth, and why what we do to the least of men is done to God himself. It takes a peculiar order of sophistication to replace self-love with love of God; to find fulfillment in the ends of human destiny rather than in the beguiling means which should serve those ends.” (Father Alexander Turner)

“God has given each of us a role in bringing Jesus to the people and places around us. Christianity begins to shift its sheltered reputation when Christ followers are engaged, informed, and on the leading edge, offering a sophisticated response to the issues people face.” (David Kinnaman & Gabe Lyons)


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