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“We can go all the way back to Jesus, who came into the world to lead us toward an understanding that true power comes from kenosis [self-emptying], from pouring out love into the world, rather than hoarding it…” (Dr. Mary Hess)

“There is profound irony in the apostle’s call to use our freedom in the service of others. It is a radical proposal, to say the least, but St. Paul asserts that it is essential if we are to “win more” people to the glories, beauties, and life-giving truths of our faith. Let us never hoard our faith but be willing to pay the price! Christ has directed us to make disciples of all men (Mt 28:19). We note, however, that the apostle proposes approaching the mission of discipling others in a sensitive way, mindful of their persona spiritual orientation. There is a delicate balance between our role as slaves of the Master, with the obligation to evangelize, and the need to remain sensitive to others outside the faith. The Gospel requires us to reach out with our faith, but at the same time it demands genuine consideration of others.” (Dynamis 1/5/2020)

“We are called to guard the Gospel message, but not to hoard it. We are instructed not to hide our light under a bushel (Matt. 5:15). As Jesus Christ sends us to be His voice in a changing world, we must also remove impediments or perceived impediments to…inquirers that seek His Truth. What messages do we send out intentionally or unintentionally? What might cause the Gospel message to be ignored or misunderstood?” (Fr. Jim Kordaris)

“We must all become missionaries to our fellow Americans, and recognize that it is not enough our temples are unlocked on Sunday mornings, and that visitors can freely enter…A parish that does not warmly welcome visitors with a smile at the door, and inviting them to the parish meal, or the coffee hour, is not missionary minded. A parishioner who does not welcome a stranger with a smile and a welcome, ignores the Great Commission, and hoards the faith as though it were only for “the right people”.” (Abbot Tryphon)

“How many of us know that the vast majority of the teachings of Jesus Christ concern the spirit of giving? In short, He was so concerned about sacrificial giving in love as opposed to greed and hoarding that He spent most of His earthly time articulating Himself on this very subject. This resulted from man's failure to interpret Old Testament teachings through the ideal of love. Until the Son of God entered into human history, the Old Testament was interpreted legalistically, and this was the reason it failed to bind man to our Heavenly Father. It is only through love that man can be bound to Him. And philanthropy is love in action. Philanthropy in every sense parallels the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ in the spirit of giving in love.” (Chris Andreas)


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