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Truth and Deception

“Deception is a major phenomenon of our own times. There have always been deceivers. But deception has become a far more integral part of modern life.” (Father Patrick Reardon)

“Man thinks he can solve his problems without the help of God. The results are misunderstanding, deception and dangerous deviation in our social order and structure.” (The Rt. Reverend Archimandrite Ilyas T. Kurban)

“A friend gave me a striking comparison the other day. Do you know how the police and investigators learn how to spot counterfeit bills? They meticulously study every aspect of genuine currency. They take the measure of every real bill – they immerse themselves in the truth, so that it becomes second nature. This means that when they’re confronted with a fake, they can immediately spot all the ways in which it is faulty. This is why it is so important to immerse yourself in the Truth. Otherwise, you’re easy prey for deception.” (Douglas Cramer)

“Truth is not a thought, not a word, not a relationship between things, not a law. Truth is a Person. It is a Being which exceeds all beings and gives life to all. If you seek truth with love and for the sake of love, she will reveal the light of His face to you in as much as you are able to bear it without being burned.” (St. Nikolai of Serbia)

“Our life should be a pursuit of the “truth” of Christ.” (Fr. Stavros N. Akrotirianakis)

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