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“Sometimes man is subjected to a very long period of this abandonment, when the sky is seemingly shut for him and the soul becomes completely unreceptive to any spiritual sensation....At this time the enemy usually confuses a Christian with thoughts of grief and desperation, making him think that those gratifying feelings and the experiences that occurred before will never return, and life will become increasingly worse and worse. But this is a lie. If the person survives this test of spiritual coldness with fortitude, without ceasing to fight and to work on himself, then he will again perceive the action and comfort of grace, moreover in a much larger measure than hitherto known to him.” (Hieromonk Nektary)

“As strange as it may sound, desperation is a really good thing in the spiritual life. Desperation causes us to be open to radical solutions, willing to take all manner of risk in order to find what we are looking for.” (Ruth Haley Barton)

“Occasions of desperation prepare the way for the recognition of Christ Himself.” (Elisabeth Elliot)

“…we are fallen people who desperately need God in our lives—every day.” (David Kinnaman & Gabe Lyons)

“New life, supernatural life, the abundant life of the living Christ is imparted to the person who in desperation turns from the old, barren, bleak ways of the world to keep company with Christ.” (W. Phillip Keller)

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