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“…behind every hurt there is healing, and that behind every crucifixion we endure there is a resurrection waiting to occur.” (Fr. Joshua Makoul)

“Love swings back and forth between hope and hurt…Christ changed the hurt of the Cross into the help of the Father through His obedience, as a good Son always is, for the hope of us all. He saved us to become saviors, even when it hurts.” (Bishop Anthony)

“Our forgiveness is relative to the degree to which we are free from our continued angry or hurt reaction. When we can love and accept someone without remembrance of the wrong, and without a reaction of anger and hurt, then we have truly forgiven. Another aspect of this is when we are projecting our expectations onto a person, and they continue to disappoint us. This should show us that our expectations are simply our own selfishness, and that we are failing to love the other unconditionally. We must take responsibility for our own anger and hurt, and simply let the person be him/herself.” (Hieromonk Jonah)

“By allowing anger to be properly expressed, the hurt beneath the anger will be revealed. Next, when the hurt is released it uncovers the fear underlying the hurt. Then as the fear is acknowledged, our unmet needs are discovered. Paying attention to those unmet needs and taking care of them gives us energy to move toward forgiveness. Only after dealing with our emotions in this order is energy released to forgive.” (Kh. Maggie Hock)

“Making up requires humility. We must put our pride, fears of rejection and embarrassment aside. We must be loving and vulnerable to enter the difficult process of making up. We must overcome our fear of rejection and of being hurt, to open our hearts to restore and be restored to each other.” (Fr. John Abdalah)

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