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“From sinful arrogance there follows the inversion of truth…Sin inverts the good order of God, so that mankind calls “evil good and good evil” (Is 5:20).” (OCPM 3/23/2016, 4/30/2017)

“Inversion of truth leads to arrogance…In our modern age this sin [pride/vainglory] and its corresponding virtue [humility] have become strangely inverted, for humility and meekness are despised while self-esteem and pride are exalted as salve for the psyche…If we do anything, no matter how trifling, with the goal of being observed by men, then vainglory will conquer us and separate us from the Lord.” (Dynamis 3/27/2013, 5/20/2014)

“In the inverted world of modernity, ideas are considered spiritually “real,” while actions and rituals are somehow suspect.” (Father Stephen Freeman)

“The Greek term acedia–whence pastoral concepts of despondency originate–literally means an absence of care. In despondency, we grow hopeless, care-less, apathetic. In our despair, one would assume we’d naturally settle into a pattern of comfortable non-responsiveness. But somehow, this one-to-one connection doesn’t sit right with me. As I look around at all the energy that is being poured into protests and activism right now, I can’t help but sense a sort of aimless, frenetic desperation. An anxious clawing–at something, anything, whatever we can grab hold of to turn the tide. Not always, but sometimes this “activism” seems like a form of inverted acedia.” (Nicole M. Roccas)

“Two thousand years ago Jesus extended an unbelievable invitation: “follow me.” And the invitation is still on the table …I think there are lots of people who think they have accepted the invitation. They think they are following Jesus. But the reality is that they have invited Jesus to follow them. And there is a world of difference!...I think many Christians have an inverted relationship with Christ. Call it spiritual selfishness. Our relationship with Him is all about us. And then we wonder why we’re unfulfilled and bored with our faith.” (Mark Batterson)

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