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“There is an unrelenting theme throughout Scripture in which God accomplishes His work through that which is least and broken. Whether it is choosing the second son rather than the first, Joseph as slave and prisoner to be first in Egypt, Moses who stutters when he speaks, young David rather than his brothers, Israel itself as an insignificant nation, Abraham and Sarah who are too old to have children, and so on, the pattern is clear.” (Father Stephen Freeman)

“God raised Jesus from the dead to the end that we should be clear—once and for all—that there is nothing more important than being human. Our lives have eternal significance. And no one—absolutely no one—is expendable.” (Martin Bell)

“Somehow fixing your eyes on Jesus causes other things to dim in significance. Possessions, people, reputation, opinions, political rhetoric, world wars, death, disease, heartache—all of these and so much more grow strangely dim when we gaze on Him.” (Charles Swindoll)

“God tells us that we are so significant to Him that He always keeps an eye on us. He manages to be so sensitive to our situation that He even keeps track of the hairs on our head…There is no reason to feel insignificant or that life is without meaning. You were made on purpose, with purpose.” (Robert McGee, Dave Earley)

“Be sure to remember that nothing in your daily life is so insignificant and so inconsequential that the Lord will not help you by answering your prayer.” (O. Hallesby)

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