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Modern Trials to Our Ancient Faith: The Challenges to Orthodox Christianity and Evangelism in Americ

March 24, 2017 - Michael delivers a lecture at St. Nicholas and Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church in Roseland, New Jersey about the challenges the Church is facing to its mission of evangelism. Making a case that we must get "our house in order" first, he described our internal challenges and how our loss of fostering multi-generational relationships between parents and other adult mentors and youth is contributing to Church decline. He also discussed the need to get back to the three priorities of the Church - worship, education, and outreach, and then how we need to draw people into the Church ("come and see") while also being able to meet them where they are spiritually. He addressed in depth the following 5 challenges.

  1. Challenge 1: Young People, Adults, and Attrition

  2. Challenge 2: Church Priorities

  3. Challenge 3: Church and the Influence Secular Society

  4. Challenge 4: What the Church is Selling versus What People are Buying

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