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The Bible: How it was Formed and How it Forms us

On Friday, May 1 at 7 pm, Michael taught a Zoom class to more than 30 people for the St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral community called, The Bible: How it was Formed and How it Forms us. The class lasted 90 minutes with an opening prayer service, lecture and then interactive discussion.

Class Description: Michael discussed the following topics:

The Bible in Orthodoxy

  • Holy Fathers and Importance of the Bible

  • Holy Tradition and Orientation in the Church

  • Sola Scriptura?

  • Word of God and word of God?

  • Timeless Truth

  • Revelation versus Cognition

Formation of the Bible

  • Organic nature of the Bible's formation

  • Old and New Testaments

  • Councils and Criteria

  • New Testament Timeline

  • Septuagint and “Orthodox Old Testament Canon”

  • Book of Revelation

  • Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant Bibles

  • Deuterocanonical versus Apocryphal

The Ways We Understand and Experience the Bible and Our Formation as Persons

  • …and of all things Visible and Invisible

  • Antiquity versus Modernity

  • Transcendence versus Immanence

  • Spiritual and Material versus Material

  • The Nous, the Holy Fathers, and our Thoughts

Modes/Ways of Understanding the Bible and our Formation

  • Spiritual and Spiritual Warfare

  • Ancient Schools of Interpretation

  • Typology and Allegory

  • Formation versus Information

  • Sacramental and Immersion

  • Reading and Study


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