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Lenten Lecture - "Woundedness and Transformation: Encountering Christ as the Wounded Healer&quo

Spoke at Ss. Nicholas, Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church in Roseland, New Jersey, Friday evening, March 22. Topic is Woundedness and Transformation: Encountering Christ as the Wounded Healer. This lecture will be based on what the Orthodox Church teaches which is that out of love for us God the Son, the Second Person of the Trinity, Christ, left the comfort of paradise, became one of us, and shared completely in our humanity. Out of love He bore our sins, allowed Himself to be wounded beyond measure, and died to save us. We all suffer wounds and woundedness in this life, physical, mental, and spiritual. The question for us is how do we bear them and will we bear them with love or with bitterness. Depending on our choice, our wounds can be debilitating or transformational.

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