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Orthodox Christian J. R. R. Tolkien Panel!

JUST ANNOUNCED: A J. R. R. Tolkien panel will be held on Saturday, June 15 at 9am at the Ancient Faith Writing and Podcasting Conference III (#AFCon 3), hosted at the Antiochian Village Conference and Retreat Center.

Featured panelists:

- Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick, Host of the The Amon Sûl Podcast & Panel Moderator - Steven Christoforou, Director of Y2AM - Orthodox Christian Youth and Young Adult Ministries - Michael Haldas, Author of Echoes of Truth: Christianity in The Lord of the Rings - Dcn. Nicholas Kotar, Fantasy Author, Author of The Raven Son fantasy series - Prof. Gary W. Jenkins, Director of the St. Basil Center for Orthodox Thought and Culture

TO SIGN UP FOR THE CONFERENCE, point your browser here:


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