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Check Out Ancient Faith Speakers Near You in Fall 2018

Myself and many other Ancient Faith contributors have various speaking engagements throughout the Fall. See below from their website to learn about my engagement and many others!

"Ancient Faith Ministries is on the road! Our authors, podcasters, and bloggers continue to travel around the country, speaking at parishes, schools, and events. We hope you’ll join us as we participate in the life of the Church! Here’s a list of events you can attend during the remainder of this year, 2018! You’ll see the name of a podcaster, author, or blogger, and the date, title, and location of the events they’ll be leading or attending. Links are included where available, and all of the events listed are opened to the public – that means you! The list is alphabetical by last name. If you’re not sure why a name’s familiar, just click it to learn more about that person.

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