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“When we’re bewildered, lonely or hurt, when the futility of efforts to connect is too painfully obvious, we can relinquish our confusion to the Lord. He knows every heart from the inside, and “in him all things hold together” (Colossians 1:17). His love is the life streaming through all Creation. So even in this life we are connected with those we love through God, something we can barely grasp now, but which will one day flood our awareness.” (Frederica Matthewes-Green)

“…we must learn to surrender our souls to the will of God, relinquish our control over the journey to Him whose birth we are about to celebrate. This is the spirit we must embrace….” (Fr. Dn. Charles Joiner)

“Relinquishing bitterness is an open invitation for the Holy Spirit to give you His peace, His joy, and the knowledge of His will.” (R. T. Kendall)

“Happiness consists in finding out precisely what the “one thing necessary” may be, in our lives, and in gladly relinquishing all the rest. For then, by a divine paradox, we find that everything else is given us together with the one thing we needed.” (Thomas Merton)

“When I am able to live according to His purpose, to recognize that regardless of my circumstance I have relinquished control to Him (not lip service), then I am able to connect with the joy that reality brings.” (Cynthia Yates)

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