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What’s So Good about the Good News? - Understanding, Proclaiming, and Living the Gospel of Christ in

Michael delivers a lecture at St. Nicholas and Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church in Roseland, New Jersey about how we understand the Gospel of Christ as good news and a way of life versus a religion and how to live and witness it. Sharing stories he explained that: 1) you cannot experience the Church apart from Christ as the Church is all about Christ; and 2) Orthodoxy is the experience of giving language and expression to what we already know is true. He also communicated the following principles:

  • Our faith is best witnessed through doing that is the result of being, and we must be preparing constantly, living purposefully, thinking globally, and acting locally

  • Our faith is understood and expressed in relationship not rules and regulations

  • Our Orthodox Christian faith is not a religion, it’s a way of life

  • All of life is sacramental, not just the Sacraments

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