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“If you want to satisfy your calling, follow the desires of your heart as God gives opportunity and directs your spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Person of God who gives you internal guidance. The closer you draw to God, the closer He gets to you through the Holy Spirit. …we should seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit above all else” (Mark Elfstrand, OCPM 1/8/2016)

“…that you may listen for the voice of God. Ask for His guidance, then stop talking and wait for God's word. Too often, we are so busy talking and complaining and admonishing that we do not actually hear what God is saying to us. The revolution of the spirit comes with silence.” (Bishop Jospeh)

“… the primary source of our help is through our personal relationship with God. Do we pray for help and guidance? Do we work on increasing our faith every day? Have we dedicated our talents to God?” (Tatiana Garrett Mulry)

“Divine guidance, or spiritual guidance, is not something we turn on when needed or summon as desired. It is the result of cultivating a relationship with God. The more we seek God in earnest, the more we perceive His presence and the more attune we are to the Holy Spirit’s guidance.” (Sacramental Living Blog)

“Life in Christ is lived on a higher plane because of his overflowing forgiveness, love, and guidance…Living in the constant awareness of God’s presence brings peace, security, and guidance throughout life.” (Life Application Study Bible, John 10:10, Thomas Blackaby)

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