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Wisdom (and Information)

“…living in one of the most technologically advanced and complex societies on Earth, we would be wise to consider the manner in which technology has saturated virtually every aspect of our culture--our businesses, our homes, our schools, and even our churches. Information is being made available to us at extraordinarily fast rates….as we consider the vast quantities of stimuli that are being made available to the public through the Internet and electronic media in general, it is not a strange coincidence that we also may observe a steady rise in pathological addiction, illegal Internet activity, social withdrawal, and depression among many people in our midst…As we consider the tremendous and unprecedented opportunities for communicating Christ’s Gospel within our modern information age, it becomes also apparent that there are yet many positive aspects associated with the utilization of advanced technology. ” (Archbishop Demetrius)

“…. we are living in the midst of what has aptly been labeled the Information Age…The creed of our age is “knowledge is power.” Day after day, new discoveries extend the boundaries of human reasoning and knowledge. Our understanding of the world and how it works extends our ability to master and control that world. Unfortunately, this drive to “understand” the world — to explain it, quantify it and thereby control it — has also had the effect of demystifying the world, of leaving no room for the miraculous. In the Information Age, that which cannot be understood cannot be part of the “real” world. That which is mystical, that which is spiritual rather than physical, is part of a mythical or psychological world separate from the “real” world we operate in every day.” (Fr. Stephen Rogers)

“…we will also need to learn to make some time for being by oneself with God alone. We will need to learn how to turn off our electronic devices and to light a candle; we will need to turn away from the whirling frenzy of images and information that we let enter our minds and turn our hearts towards the one thing needful. We will need to return to ourselves and to look at the only screen where we can truly find God, the screen of our heart, which is the gateway to the very Kingdom of heaven…Live streaming indeed responds to many needs….And yet, we should be aware that livestreaming does not assure us of partaking of the streams of living water, any more than owning a Bible assures us of being illumined by divine wisdom. In fact, over-reliance on our computer devices may be a hindrance to reaching the most important goal…to find every other possible way for communion with God apart from those blessed ways that we can no longer access, so that we may still continue to commune with Him both night and day.” (Right Reverend Alexis)

“In this age of information we must demonstrate to our youth the difference between information and wisdom. Wisdom is that which is passed down from the past and which imparts substance and enlightenment. Wisdom is not about information, and does not compete with worldly knowledge. Wisdom need not be in conflict with science, nor be linked to narrow mindedness. Wisdom is that which not only connects us to the best of human knowledge and experience, but links us to that which is eternal. Wisdom gives us the ability to relate to our Creator, to our culture and to others. The urgency of imparting this message is great, for we have a whole generation that is in danger of losing faith in God.” (Abbot Tryphon)

“…wisdom is much more than just information, useful knowledge, or helpful tips for living. Wisdom is a godly orientation; it is to work with the Lord under His guidance (Proverbs 2:6-7).” (Dynamis 3/4/2020)

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