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“The world’s present mood is not conducive to prayer and meditation. Mechanism and speed dominate all departments of our present day civilization. We race through life and we hardly have time to read the signposts and to learn whether or not we are on the right road of life. No wonder that so many lives end in ruin and misery. Even in our leisure we are dominated by action and controlled by schedule and thus can hardly experience total relaxation of body and complete serenity of mind. Yet in this highly stimulated society in which we find ourselves, we are all the more in need of meditation, prayer and communion with God.” (Rev. Fr. Theodore E. Ziton)

“A lifetime of putting yourself at the center of your own universe will turn you into a caricature of low ideals and degrading habits. It will sink you into the mire of competition, trap you in a cycle of never-satisfied desires, and steal from you the joys of simple serenity.” (Claire and Curt Cloninger)

“With God all things are possible, even inner serenity…Inner serenity calls for dispassion. The Holy Spirit will be with you if your intent is to struggle against all the passions that invade your consciousness and thwart you from achieving peace of soul. The church fathers realize and write about the effort it will take to gain control of your thoughts, or better stated, to battle and conquer the demons that control you and contain you in the prison of your mind. It’s a heroic struggle, but if you feel it’s all for nothing, an impossible attempt, you are what you are and cannot change, then you are beaten already. On the other hand, if you only consider the prize, you will pursue the goal and make the effort happily. It is Christ Himself who is outside the door of your heart waiting to be invited in. Until you find the knob, you will not be able to receive Him into the living room of your soul, and unless you do, you will never know true freedom.” (Very Rev. Vladimir Berzonsky)

“Silence is the adornment of the people of God who measure their words and do not use their tongue as a lethal weapon. The person who is easy-going with words may find it difficult to pray effectively. Loquacity confuses, tires and obscures. Silence concentrates the mind, gives rest to the spirit, and keeps it in constant readiness. Monks persistently search for the most quiet corner possible to set up their sanctuary. The objective is to have external quietude penetrate into the soul, for without inner silence and peace, external quiet is of no avail. When the serenity of the soul is accompanied by gratitude toward God, great results can be achieved.” (Monk Moses)

“ …a person with a renewed spirit functions properly in being with God. Such a person is able to balance the stress of work and life issues by knowing that God is a real and constant source of strength. He reaches out to God in prayer on a daily basis, and he is not afraid to raise the question of faith or to express his faith with others. He knows that God is active and omnipresent in all arenas of life, pouring forth his peace and serenity.” (Archbishop Demetrios)


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