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Inner and Outer Self

“The essence of the Christian life has more to do with the inner life of the soul than with external conduct…” Our external conduct is merely the leading edge of watching; the real work of being attentive takes place inside us…to be truly [Christian] is to exercise an inner listening with an attentive heart, nurturing a spirit that seeks illumination and wisdom from God. It requires deep humility concerning our personal capacities, for we resolve to place our trust in what the Church has always taught.” (Archimandrite Ioannikios, Dynamis 2/13/2020, OCPM 4/10/2017)

“Many desperate souls who are seeking guidance make the mistake that God communicates to the mind. God is a spirit being, and He communicates with man’s spirit (see John 4:24). Until a believer understands how God speaks to us, and learns to listen with spiritual ears through the inner man, he is likely to experience much false guidance. It takes a disciplined effort to hear from the Lord, to find time away from distractions. This is how we get into the presence of the Lord. I am reminded of the verse: “In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength” (Is 30:15).” (Frank Hammond)

“It is a form of an affliction where we permit ourselves to indulge in thoughts of unfairness, until we become thoroughly miserable and obsessed by it. It is a pattern that destroys the good fruit of the Spirit, especially the fruits of inner joy and peace.” (Frank Hammond)

“…we long after God in our hearts but oppose Him in our thoughts. Our opposition cannot harm God, for He is Almighty, but it can certainly harm us. Our thoughts, moods, and desires set a path for our life. Our thoughts reflect our whole life. If our thoughts are quiet, peaceful, and full of love, kindness, and purity, then we have peace, for peaceful thoughts make possible the existence of inner peace, which radiates from us. However, if we breed negative thoughts, then our inner peace is shattered…When the soul is mature, God will give it inner peace. The Lord watches over us, and He is pleased that you long for His peace. Until the soul is ready, He will only sometimes allow us to see that He is present everywhere and fills all things. At these moments the soul feels such joy! It feels as though it has everything! But then the Lord conceals Himself from us again, in order that we might long for Him and seek Him with our hearts!” (Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica)

“Bring your inner life under God’s control and your outer life will naturally reflect Him… The inner state of the people is God’s highest priority…Often the outside world seems to answer back to our inner journey.” (Life Application Study Bible, Luke 11:42-52, Dynamis 8/26/2015, Robert A. Johnson)

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