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Divine Judgement

“The time for us to entreat repose is now. We are to prepare for the end of this life by making our beds well so that we may rest in joy. The choice to either repose in Christ or to separate from Him is made daily. The mystery of baptism purified us once; the mystery of penitence and confession can renew that purity through absolution. The fiery flame of God’s throne shows forth divine love, but it is not a sentimental love that glosses over the absolute holiness and purity of God. Judgment is final. Let us repent now.” (Dynamis 7/29/2019)

“God’s judgment is perfect meaning whole and complete and without error. It is a judgment completely based on our choices. It is judgment of full accountability. Too many of us think of God’s love in only a sentimental way and don’t understand that love is not a feeling or emotion but a way of being. This causes us to think and act in a casual way where God is not first in our life. The problem of God not being first in our life is not one where God is angry at us for not putting Him first as if He is subject to such human emotions. The problem is in not doing so that we cut ourselves off from Him, which leads to choices and behaviors that require repentance of which we do not do. Thus we run the risk of being on the outside when He casts His final judgment.” (Sacramental Living Ministries)

“The Lord God closed the door of the ark, for He is the Judge and determines who is in and who is out. The people on the outside were going about their usual manner of life—buying, selling, eating, drinking, marrying, and giving in marriage—but they were indifferent to God and His grace. The Flood caught them unawares, but it was too late for them to respond. So it will be in the Day of Judgment.” (Mt 24:37–39; Lk 17:26, 27; 2Pt 2:4, 5) (Orthodox Study Bible, Genesis 7:16-24)

“Seeing heaven’s court in session and judgment meted out to the condemnation of Satan and his angels (Dan 7:11-12), the Prophet Daniel cannot stop watching. Let us be attentive to what our compassionate Lord and His prophet are telling us of this judgment to come. They describe a “whole life” accounting which will prove to be far more uncomfortable than the small comeuppances we encounter in our day-to-day affairs. Their words encourage us to repent often and deeply throughout this present life in order that we may prepare for what is to come.” (Dynamis 7/29/2019)

“Judgment implies a necessary purification process. You can’t get the impurities out without first identifying their presence. We want to think of ourselves as pure without going through any process of purification. We want grace without judgment, but it doesn’t work that way. Judgment reflects the true state of our being, namely that we are sinful and in need of grace. Often the only way to understand our reality is to go through a judgment process. Once the judgment is accepted and the proper response is made, we fully experience God’s grace.” (Foundation Study Bible, Zephaniah 3:8)

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