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“It is indeed difficult that when a person comes to Church, and even decides to dedicate his life to it, he then encounters that which seems very out of place. He encounters human deficiencies, completely “worldly” interests, and people’s infirmities. It is very easy to be disillusioned, to be driven away. It is much better, however, to attempt to understand this correctly. People come into the Church to be saved; however, they do not become holy automatically. They bring along their passions and their sinful habits. In the course of time people cease to struggle with themselves and simply exist. It is very difficult with such people in the Church. Some struggle, but with little success. Yet someone else conquers His weaknesses with God’s help.” (Hieromonk Nektary)

“All the things the Bible says about the Church really are true… there really is a Body of Christ like the Bible says—like Jesus says—where all those crazy idealistic hopes actually are true. It doesn’t mean that you don’t run into sinners of all sorts within the Church who will disappoint, disillusion and even try to destroy you. But it does mean that there really is something there. It’s all true. Really. Don’t lose hope.” (Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick)

“Truth be told, I’ve been wrestling with a lot of disappointment lately, in my own failings and in the state of our nation. I’ve been discouraged, disillusioned, and downright depressed over the dwindling love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control in our angry, frightened country. People are suffering and scared and we are screaming at one another with accusations and assumptions that are cruel, sarcastic, and sweeping. We are demonizing our neighbors, vomiting up harsh and piercing words, spreading hate like a disease. Division and discrimination are flourishing in this poisonous climate of seething vitriol and enflamed passions…I’ve given up thinking, judging, generating opinions and trying to figure stuff out. I’m starting from scratch, and simplifying, hoping to advance to a more childlike faith in Christ. Prayer and compassion are my only compass.” (Molly Sabourin)

“Great expectations, if they are not accurate, can soon prove to be a source of great disillusionment. Expect only to place Him at the center of your life, and lovingly surrender to all that He is and all that He requires. Then let whatever blessing comes from that commitment be your unexpected blessing.” (Joseph Stowell)

“…understand that - all claims and promises to the contrary - unhappiness, disillusion, and sadness are inherent in a "fallen" state and nothing is going to solve that except Christ and the resurrection.” (Matushka Nadia Koblosh)

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