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“We pray the Lord of Heaven and Earth that He may infuse His Spirit in our world, that we may be sanctified by it.” (Patriarch Ignatius)

“The Holy Spirit comes to dwell in us; embrace our life with power and love; infuse in us the gift of action; render us strong combatants in the spiritual warfare; and purify our hearts, transforming us continuously into a temple of the living God.” (Rev. Alkiviadis Calivas)

“…we are all in need of repentance in order to infuse our hearts with love towards our fellow human, with compassion and mercy, with acceptance of our returning remorseful brother. We all need to realize that our virtues amount to nothing before God; that we are all obliged to achieve self-knowledge and to cleanse ourselves from intellectual impurities and distorted, self-centered ways of thinking, in love and humility.” (Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew)

“Saint Paul’s joy comes from his being infused with strength from the Lord Jesus – a strength sufficient for him to handle everything life brings him (Philippians 4:13). In the original Greek, the apostle adds a prefix to the root word “strengthen” to indicate that the Lord is the One who puts this strength in him – who literally infuses him with strength. As a result of the Lord Jesus filling the apostle with divine power, Saint Paul is content in whatever state he finds himself (vs. 11). The word “contentment” (autarkia) was popular among the Stoic philosophers for expressing the virtue of self-sufficiency. However, Saint Paul knows that his sufficiency has its source in the Lord who fills him with strength. He knows he is not self-sufficient, but able to manage his present state only because of the power that God places in His faithful ones, regardless of whether they are in dire straits or well-furnished with life’s necessities (vs 11-12)” (Dynamis 10/15/2018)

“The Lord infuses us with His strength when we when we turn to Him. This often happens when we finally wake up from the delusion of self-sufficiency, recognize our true need, and seek Him with a repentant and earnest heart.” (Sacramental Living Blog)

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